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Shahirah Lee Xin Hui
18 January 2012 @ 09:07 pm

* ALL CDs are original; meaning no bootlegged versions.
** I do ship worldwide. So have no worries!
***Prices are in USD for DBSK since they are preordered and quite a number can't be bought online anymore.

1. Sky (CD) Japan Version $12
2. Beautiful You (CD) Japan Version $12
3. Doushite (CD) Japan Version $12
4. Step by Step (CD) Japan Version $12
5. Bolero (CD) Taiwan Version $12
6. Mirotic (CD) Japan Version $12 RESERVED SOLD
7. Choosey Lover (CD) Japan Version $12 RESERVED
8. Choosey Lover (CD+DVD) Japan Version $12 RESERVED
9. Hi Ya Ya (CD) Taiwan Version $10
10. '06 SUMMER SMTOWN (CD+VCD) Taiwan Version $12
11. TVXQ Non-Stop Hits 2 (CD) Taiwan Version $10
12. '09 SMTOWN SUMMER (CD) Taiwan Version $10
13. SHOW ME YOUR LOVE (CD) Korea Version $14
14. Best Selection 2010 (2CD+DVD) KoreaVersion $14
15. JYJ The Beginning (CD) Singapore Version $12
16. Mirotic Repackaged Version (CD) Korea Version $14
17. SSK Scandal (CD) Korea Version $14
18. XIAH aka Intoxication (CD) Japan Version $14
19.JYJ The... (CD) Japan Version $25 RESERVED SOLD
20. The Beginning - $12

  • OVER THE TOP - $14
  • EXILES Japan Version $12
  • Motto Tsuyoku -$14
  • SHINee First Mini Album Taiwan Version $12
  • SHINee World Album Taiwan Version $12
  • ROMEO Korea Version $12
  • Hello Repackaged Album Taiwan Version $14


  • B2ST First Mini Album Korea Version $12
  • Hurricane Venus - $12
  • Timeless Album - $12
Fly to the sky
  • Eternity Best Album - $12
Jay Park
  • Nothin' On You - $12
Jamie Cullum
  • Twenty Some-thing - $12
  • Catching Tales - $12
  • The Pursuit - $12
Fall Out Boy
  • Believers Never Die - $12
Great deal, don't you think?! I have quite a number of albums which are not listed here. Ask me if you want a particular cd from TVXQ/JYJ which is has not been listed. :)

***All About TVXQ 2/Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST is also on sale.

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Shahirah Lee Xin Hui
10 October 2010 @ 02:26 am

Quest JYJ Promo Poster

Yes, you have not heard wrong. JYJ (Junsu Yoochun Jaejoong) will be here at our very own Singapore Expo on the 16th of October, which is this Saturday! Pre-orders for the showcase started on last Monday (4/10/10) at 7PM. I was one of many who sat in front of our computers waiting to buy the ticket!



Ticket Details:

VIP (100 seats; 60 local/40 international) : $248 (includes a handshake, autographed poster and picture in groups of 5)

CAT A: $168
CAT B: $138
CAT C: $98
CAT D: $68

*doesn’t include $2 handling fee


To my surprise, it was said that booking started at 6.58PM! At 7.01PM, all VIP seats has been sold out! I really wanted to buy them but it was just not fated. I couldn’t manage to log on time as the website kept hanging on me! I finally managed to log on at 7.40PM; 40 mins after booking started. Thank god I got my seat. FYI, I AM going to the showcase alone, since my sister didn’t want to accompany me along. Initially, I wanted to buy the CAT A ticket but my sister offered to top up the remaining cash to buy the VIP seat. At last, I blew $170 on a CAT A seat to a showcase which I’m going to alone. Isn’t that sad? But I’m not going to despair just yet as it seems that most people are actually going alone as well.

Shahirah Lee Xin Hui
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Shahirah Lee Xin Hui
15 September 2008 @ 10:26 pm
Sorry for the late first entry since i usually blog

HERE ...

Have a look there...Hmm...But i think I'll be putting up news on the upcoming Singapore Hit Awards since its the rage now...
And one more thing, Wang Lee Hom is coming to Singapore for a concert on November 1st...But its quite near my O's...Its a once in a lifetime opportunity since I never really got to see Khalil Fong live before... Do you think i should go? T_T

After a long-awaited two years, the ever talented mandopop golden boy LEE HOM is all ready to bring his musical best to the Singapore fans, together with a new identity “Music Man”, at the upcoming “MUSIC- MAN” LEE HOM World Tour 2008!

Following the huge success of the Heroes of the Earth Concert tour in 2006, as well as the highly received music production and movie works, the multi-talented LEE HOM continues his reign as one of the leading Chinese music top performer.

Assuming his role as the music director in this new wave of performance, LEE HOM continues to explore beyond the unlimited realms of creativity and possibilities that music brings in his latest offering. Inspired by his childhood adoration of American Super Heroes comics, the music perfectionist unveils a brand new image of the futuristic “Music Man”, matched up with an electrifying array of music and visual effects at this exhilarating concert tour!

At the upcoming concert, fans can expect to be a night of astounding visual sound and lighting effects, all in rolled one futuristic extravaganza! Be thrilled by LEE HOM’s remarkable showmanship of music hits such as “改变自己”, “落叶归根”, “永远的第一天”, “FOREVER LOVE”, “心中的日月”, “唯一”, “盖世英雄”, “KISS GOODBYE” as well as songs from his brand new album at this highly anticipated performance! It would definitely be a revitalizing music experience not to be missed!

For those who does not know about Wang Lee Hom, he acted opposite Aaron Kwok and Norika Fujiwara before... The last time he performed in Singapore was in October 2006 by the way...

王力宏 : 王力宏 : 王力宏 : Music Man : Music Man : Music Man :

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Shahirah Lee Xin Hui
15 September 2008 @ 09:51 pm
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next seven sentences in your journal along with this instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
6. Tag five people to do the same.


Both kids and adults respond well to the video-the cool dancing and the hot music make it a favorite with everyone. Soon, girls began to dress in the style of Britney's video costume. They wore short school uniform skirts, pigtails, and pom-poms and they started showing up at all Britney's live appearances.

The video for "...Baby One More Time" was quickly added to active rotation on MTV and The Box, becoming an immediate fan favorite. MTV's senior programmer Tom Calderone hit the mark when he told the New York Post, "Britney has star power".

The star power was equally apparent to modeling agencies. Shortly after the release of the video, they began calling Britney in droves, urging the fresh-faced teenager to take the leap into a modeling career.

From: The Unauthorized Biography of Britney Spears
Author: Jackie Robb (1999)


This is for: tora_robin , kioku_kagami ,xinhui92 ,undine_vampira , razra_eizel 

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